1. This actually is a serious post about serious shit.

    someotherchick replied to your post: How do you narrow down what to excerpt from a bill that is 9 pages of unmitigated shit and evil?

    grab a random passage, post it. grab another. keep going until you find one that best summarizes the bullshit.

    (Following rant TOTALLY NOT DIRECTED AT someotherchick)

    But it’s … argh.  Individual passages suck, but it’s the bill in it’s entirety that really is evil.  It’s not just the headscratchers like

    (c)  Instruction of the family life curriculum shall not:

    …(3) Display or conduct demonstrations with devices specifically
    manufactured for sexual stimulation;

    it’s the fact that from kindergarten up through 12th grade kids will be hearing only from people who do not “condone gateway sexual activity” by unmarried people, even if they only do it outside of school.

    And the definition of “Gateway sexual activity”?  Vague enough to cover making out.

    “Gateway sexual activity” means sexual contact encouraging an
    individual to engage in a non-abstinent behavior.

    So saying “Hey, it’s ok to have a girlfriend and start figuring out this whole physical intimacy thing.  Just don’t have sex or engage in risky behavior”..?  Yeah you can’t even think about doing that if you want to have anything to do with “Family Life Curriculum.”  Neither can your church, your AIDS prevention orgs, your Gay/Straight alliances, your teachers, etc.

    Let me say this again.

    Tennessee is about to take up a bill that will mandate that ONLY hyper-conservative people can teach kids about family life, including sex.  AND, that from kindergarten on up, they will be taught about how the only valid family structure is that of a man and a wife, and that sex outside of marriage will lead you to a drug addicted, impoverished, booze drowned, STD ridden private hell.

    You think I’m exaggerating?

    (B)  Abstinence-centered education is a holistic approach that addresses the physical, social, emotional, psychological, economic and educational consequences of non-marital sexual activity;

    “Abstinence-centered curriculum” means that the majority of the content of a curriculum promotes sexual risk avoidance as the primary goal.  Supplemental topics in the curriculum, such as healthy relationships and substance abuse, reinforce the goal of primary prevention;

    (9) Discuss the interrelationship between teen sexual activity and exposure to other risk behaviors such as smoking, underage drinking, drug use, criminal activity, dating violence, and sexual aggression

    (1) Promote, implicitly or explicitly, any gateway sexual activity or health message that encourages students to experiment  with non-coital sexual activity

    Remember, “promote” means to even condone.

    So if you’re saying it’s ok to be Gay, or even for straight people to have oral sex?  Even if you’re doing it outside of the school and talking about adults?  You can’t be involved in teaching “Family Life”.

    This bill is horrendous, it is horrible, and I’ve only just started to scratch the surface of what is fucked up about it.  I didn’t even mention that parents can bring suit for “actual damages” against teachers or orgs who they perceive have violated the guidelines.


    Full text of the bill here, I welcome anyone else’s reading.  I’m **HOPING** I’m just misreading.  Please, let me be misreading.

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